There are a whole range of factors that come into play when customers come in to find the best board for them - this is usually a mix of skill level, where you are surfing, what conditions you are surfing in and even your body type. At the end of the day, the best way to find the right board for you is making sure you feel comfortable with the board. 

Also know that there isn’t one perfect surfboard for any one person! That’s why you'll hear of a ‘quiver’ in the surfing realm. A quiver is the range of boards of different shapes and sizes. This is something to think about if surfing becomes your new pastime! 

Usually, weight and height are calculated into litres required to match the board sizes and once skill level is determined, then we can start to categorise what kind of board you might be looking at. For some examples, we have added our top skill-level categorised picks below:

Let’s start with Beginner! Here are our two top picks:

1. O&E Ezi Rider Softboard

The safe soft construction of this board makes it super easy to catch waves and stand up.

2. Torq Funboard

With a durable construction, you’ll also find this pick easy to catch waves and stand up.


Next one up, here are our Intermediate picks:

 1. Firewire Seaside

This pick has more padding volume than a traditional shortboard but maintains the ability to perform on bigger and better waves.

 2. Salt Gypsy Mid Tide

This board strikes the perfect balance between drawing long smooth lines in cruise mode and banking a nice turn on the open face.


Now here comes our top two picks for the Expert rippers:

 1. JS Monsta Box 2020 HYFI

This is our most popular board for experienced surfers. This pick handles high performance surfing in almost any condition.


 2. DHD DX1 Phase 3

The DX1 is a high performance board with a fairly straight rail outline, giving the board endless speed and drive.


Any questions? Hit up or pop in to one of our Surf Stores! YEW!