A blog post by Saltwater Wine Port Macquarie’s Board Store Manager and frother of all frothers Cale Sutton @thefrothlord

Town Beach

Iconically located in Port Macquarie, “Towns” is well known for its vast array of banks and wave setups. It’s very dependent on sand movement and can be fickle at times, the breakwall has a sucky barrel and a left and right beach break with plenty great waves for mmost skill levels - there’s plenty of opportunity for all to have a go!

The best part about this beach is the vibes! It’s the social hub of town with a café, picnic areas and amenities. 

Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach is also located at the southern outskirts of Port Macquarie. This massive stretch of beach has some wicked lefts and the odd right depending on swell directions.

With 4WD access to the beach, dog access past Watonga Road and a heap of space in the water - this place is a must-surf. 

 Tuncurry Breakwall 

Located in the twin town of Forster-Tuncurry, Tuncurry Breakwall is just a few minutes east of town. Here you’ll find a mad left and right beach break as well as a big bank out the front just out from the breakwall. 

This space is great for surfers of all skill levels as there is a really easy take off and while there are lots of peaks down the beach, the inside section is known to barrel.

 There's a super easy access car park and a heap of space! And with a cafe on the water, BBQ facilities and amenities - It’s a great pick for a day out with the family or a few mates!

Saltwater Point 

Photo credit: Josh Wood @jwoodubz13 

This one’s my local. I know right - nice of me to give it away! Located in Saltwater National Park, the space has an awesome right hand point and a great left and right on the beachy. 

Well-placed in the National Park, the beach and Coastal bush is of great importance to the local Biripi people. There are several places related to dreamtime within the park and a heap of wildlife around. It’s a really sick place to be with a great vibe!

Crescent Head

Photo credit: Visit NSW

Located just north of Port, Crescent Head is well-known for its big right hand point break and left and right beachies. Its a popular spot and the crowd factor can be heavy at times. There’s also some back beach options to navigate crowds or onshore winds. 

Crescent is a dedicated surfing reserve, with amenities, a massive car park at the front of the point and a caravan park by the river, you can even camp here with the family or a few mates for a full on surf trip!